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The easiest way to book an appointment at our spa is through our website or by contacting the spa at +2711 032 5555.

Yes, we offer treatments and packages specifically designed for men in line with spa best practices.

It is generally advisable not to eat before having a treatment. If you are hungry, you could have a light snack of fruit or a cup of tea, but we advise nothing more. Should you eat, you risk becoming nauseous during your treatment.

Please inform your therapist immediately; if you feel you need to stop the treatment, please do so. Our professionally trained staff aim to treat you with consideration, dignity and respect at all times.

Showering before a treatment is both hygienic and polite. This is especially important if you have been enjoying a physical activity. The shower will also help your body decompress before your treatment. The warm water will open up your pores, and the products applied to your body will be more easily absorbed.

This is entirely up to you. However, if you have any questions regarding your treatment, you should ask your therapist. Most therapists will ask for feedback during treatments, such as whether the pressure is comfortable. You do not have to talk; after all, it is your time to relax.

We generally require the treatment room within 15 minutes for the next client. We do however offer a lounge or relaxation room as well as other complimentary facilities where you can relax while you enjoy a refreshing drink, or order food from the hotel.

A tip for therapists is always appreciated, especially if you found the treatment relaxing and enjoyable. Tipping is generally not the norm in more clinical settings, such as a dermatologist’s office.

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