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Renowned nail artist Shalya Katzeff, celebrated for her specialist freehand nail art, operates her business from our spa. Using only a thin brush and an array of vibrant nail polishes, Shalya brings her clients’ imaginations to life with impressive designs. Her talent has gained her a loyal following of clients who appreciate the artistry and creativity she brings to their fingertips. Shalicious Nails at The Houghton allows clients to express their individuality and sense of style more fully.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice!

All prices are inclusive of VAT!

Nail fixes to be done free of charge within 7 Days of application. Thereafter, R30 per nail fix will be charged.



  • Tips & Gel R410
  • Overlays & Gel R315
  • Overlay Fill & Gel R305
  • Dip & Gel R300
  • Dip Fill & Gel R290
  • Soft Gel tips & Gel R400
  • Dip Soak R80
  • Overlay Soak R130


  • Normal Paint R190
  • Signature Manicure with Paint R310
  • Signature Pedicure with Paint R330


  • Gel Feet Application R165
  • Gel Soak & Reapplication R210
  • Exclusive Pedi with Gel (soak, file, buff, exfoliate & massage) R330
  • Pedicure (no paint) R250


  • Hand/ Feet Application (Gelish) R275
  • Soak & Re-application (Gelish) R350
  • Signature Pedicure with Gelish R420
  • Signature Manicure with Gelish R400
  • Soft Gel Tips with Gelish R500


  • Hands Application R165
  • Soak & Re-application R210
  • Soak Off R65
  • Chrome (per set) R50 extra
  • Simple Nail Art R12 Per Nail
  • Complex Nail Art R18 Per Nail
  • Cartoon/Portrait Nail Art R30 Per Nail
  • Ombre R180 Extra
  • French R65 Extra
  • Gel Hardener R40 Extra
  • Manicure R135 Extra
  • Nail Fix R30 Per Nail

Brows & Lashes

Brows & Lip:

  • Brow Threading: R100
  • Lip Threading: R110
  • Brow Tint: R95
  • Brow Thread & Tint: R190
  • Microblading Initial Procedure: R1900
  • Microblading 6 Week touch-up: R1200
  • Microblading (Maintenance 12-18 months): R1250
  • Shading Add-On R300

If you have had any previous work done, please send us a picture before making your booking.


  • Classic (New): R590
  • 2 Week fill: R400
  • 3 Week fill: R450
  • Hybrid (New): R650
  • 2 Week fill: R470
  • 3 Week fill: R540
  • Hybrid (New): R650
  • 2 Week fill: R470
  • 3 Week fill: R540
  • Cluster lashes: R300
  • Lash Tint R125

Any Lash sets left longer than 3.5 weeks will be considered a new set.


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